Top 10 most generous famous people (Part II)

The celebrity lives with extraordinary wealth. Even so was not a bit of a celebrity who donated their money for various charities. They are willing to sacrifice their time to help those who need help.

      1.       Carrie Underwood and Kevin Durant

Carrie and Kevin
Other stars on the list of celebrities who took part in the charity are Carrie Underwood, Oklahoma Thunder members Kevin Durant who support victims affected by the tornado in Oklahoma earlier this year.

      2.      Justin Bieber

JB on Charity in Philippines
Although there is negative news about his behavior, Justin Bieber has recently raised more than $ 1 million for victims of Typhoon in the Philippines.

      3.      Alicia Keys

Alicia give some school tools to the victims of Typhoon in Philippines
Alicia Keys also visited the victims of Typhoon in the Philippines and spent time at the Villamor Air Base to talk with young survivors and provide crayons and coloring books.

     4.      Jennifer Lawrence

Jlaw encouraging patient in Kosair Children's Hospital
Artist who is familiarly called JLaw is indeed very different. Although surrounded by a life of luxury and glamour, she continued to show her social life. Evidently, she spent time off to visit sick children at Kosair Children's Hospital, located in his hometown of Louisville.

     5.      Demi Lovato

Demi birthday's with a charity foundation in Africa
Celebration of her birthday certainly is the most memorable moment for her. How not, she celebrated with a charity foundation in Africa. As reported by Fox News, the singer of the song Heart Attack doing social activities with the organization Free the Children. Organizations based in Canada is to hold the event with Demi.


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