Daniel Radcliffe with a long and Curly hair? What a Shock. .

Daniel was very successful in his acting in Harry Potter films. Therefore he is synonymous with the character of Harry Potter. Dressed as a pupil of Hogwarts wizard school, seem very old school. But you might a little bit shock when you heard about this Shocking news.

Look at Daniel Performance when appeared in what’s On Stage Awards in last February. Daniel chooses a different style performance. This time Daniel chooses to perform with almost shoulder length curly hair. The hair is slightly wavy, combined with beard in his face gives the impression of a slightly more mature in him. He also appeared with a blue suit.

Harry Potter / Daniel Radcliffe 
Hair extensions it is not merely just to show off. Harry did appear with long hair for his role as Igor in the Frankenstein movies. Daniel's presence in that occasion indeed represents The Cripple OF Irishman movie starring. Not in vain, he earned a Best Actor at the event.

So what are your options now? Harry Potter who appeared very Old School or Harry Potter looks fierce and macho?


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