5 things you should know about Megan Fox

Since the appearance of Megan Fox in the Transformers movies, Megan name skyrocketed. In a short time, she has become the most wanted celebrity in the United States. Every day, her name is always mentioned in various media.

Behind her beauty and success in carrier, Megan has a lot of story to tell about. Curious about her story? Check this out.

·      Weird Phobia

Megan usually played as a tough and confident girl in films. But you never that she has a weird and strange phobia. She admits that she fear flying on a plane and afraid of dark.

·      Comic Fans

Megan really loves to read comic. She has read a lot of comic books. Her favorite comics are Fathom, Witch blade, Gen 13, and X-Men. Because of her love of reading comics, Megan often comes at the exhibition event comics in my spare time.

·     Tattoo Lovers

WOW, now she already has 9 tattoos in her body. There was a tattoo that contains part of the novel titled King Lear by William Shakespeare in her right shoulder. In addition, Megan also wrote a poem which she immortalized into a tattoo. She also has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe in her hand. Amazing isn’t it?

·     Raising a Pig as her Pets

Got a pet is already usual among Hollywood celebrities. But, Megan Fox has an unusual pets, it’s a pig. However, because they have moved house and preoccupations, Megan must give his favorite pig in others. She admitted that she missed her pet. But, now the pig is already happy with the new owner.

·     Young and Talented teenagers

In her youth, she had a lot of experience of the organization. She joined swimming club, surfing, ballet, and tap dancing. According to her parents, Megan follows a swim competition and become youngest contestants in 1994.


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