3 Beyonce Interesting Habit

3 Beyonce interesting habits

Known as the diva on stage, it turns out Beyonce is often 'missed' moments where he became a regular human being and not known to many people. To achieve this goal, the singer of 'Irreplaceable' it also has a unique habit. Let’s find out.

1. Playing Game Online

  "Engage in online gaming makes me happy. I can play with anyone without them knowing who I was. Though if I lose, they could throw me anytime. Cried once, because no one knows who you are," said Beyonce.

2. Ketchup lovers

   Since Pregnant Beyonce Knowles has a strange habit. Every day he eats tomato sauce. Whatever she ate, whenever it was, ketchup always is nearby. Beyonce alone cannot explain it, but it has become clear that such an addiction.

"Perhaps you think it strange but eat whatever feels less stable if you do not use ketchup," said Beyonce Knowles in an interview with Closer magazine some time ago. Know since when this habit appears but it seems Beyonce associate this new habit with her ​​pregnancy.

3. Leaving the house with messy

  In an interview in Self magazine, the singer's Single Ladies do not cover the shortfall. "I promise to fix it, but I can reduce the mess in the house and let the clothes in my closet and not scattered on the floor," she said.

Apart from his busy schedule, Beyonce confessed love doing simple things in her spare time. "I'm going to dinner, the theater, visiting museums and spending time with family and friends" said 28-year-old star


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